Let’s Talk (It’s Important)

Communication is the basis of all your relationships and includes both verbal interaction and non-verbal cues. But what about its most recent form, which is texting? If it’s “not what you say, but how you say it” that matters, does texting as a primary means of communication enhance your relationships or hinder them?   When … Continued

Have You Seen It? Don’t Delay!

After months of anticipation, positive pre-release press, and an enthusiastic premiere event, Same Kind of Different as Me opened in theaters nationwide last weekend. And thankfully, audiences responded with great enthusiasm and reviews. That’s really the litmus test for any film. It’s not what the producer, distributor or talent thinks that matters, it’s the viewers … Continued

Make a Difference This Weekend!

  In just a few days, Pure Flix and Paramount Pictures will be bringing Same Kind of Different as Me to theaters across the country. And we need your support. Here’s why.   The Opening Weekend   Opening weekend is a predictor of a film’s success. Those three days, Friday through Sunday, set the stage … Continued

From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Rene Zellweger and Djimon Hounsou in Same Kind of Different as Me – See Trailer   Everyone loves the extraordinary story. It encourages us, emboldens us, and inspires us to push beyond our limitations and step into unknown territory. This essentially describes the impact of our new film, Same Kind of Different As Me. And … Continued

Experience a Red Carpet Event!

You’ve seen them before. And movie premieres are known for them: red carpet events. Over the years, these events have created as much attention as the main attraction. But that is their purpose: to garner media coverage, feature the film’s talent, and highlight those who have participated in the project, especially if they’ve help make … Continued

When Does a Dream Make a Difference?

Watch the Trailer     In advance of our next major movie release, Same Kind of Different as Me, I have been thinking a lot lately about the power of a dream, which was the catalyst for this inspirational true story. And though I have studied this subject in the past, I have three takeaways … Continued

Digital Media: Millennials and Beyond

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not the kids or the teens that spend the most time each day consuming media. In fact, if you’re like the average American adult, it’s probably you. Especially if you’re a millennial.   According to eMarketer, adults exceed all other age groups when comparing media consumption, logging in a staggering … Continued

Who’s Your Child Becoming? (There’s a Way to Find Out)

 Just ask any parent, and you will probably hear that middle childhood is a period of rapid development, emotionally, socially and physically. Positioned between early childhood and adolescence, the age from 6-12 is a time when experiences are broadened and interactions increase. It is also a time when children begin to discover their place in … Continued

Too Early for Technology?

If we took a poll among the readers of this blog, I believe most respondents would agree that the amount of screen time for teens and adults is a concern. All you have to do is sit in any restaurant, airport or other area public area to see how attached we are to digital devices. … Continued

Are You Part of This Trend?

While digital media has created a new landscape with more opportunity and a broader community, it has also fueled an increasingly insatiable media appetite. Below are some interesting statistics that I believe prove this statement. And as you read, it might be interesting to estimate your time (and your family’s time) spent on digital devices … Continued