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Join us today in purchasing sponsorship tickets for The Case For Christ!

*Ticket Prices vary based on theater. Taxes and processing fees may apply.

Did you know?

  • More people go to the movies than amusement parks and sporting events combined (147% more).
  • Of all people who see a faith-based film, 35% say they do not go to church.
  • Movies are a safe place for people to seek faith answers.
  • By age 17, American teenagers have spent 81 times more hours with media than spent in church.

The God’s Not Dead Foundation is Pure Flix’s 501c-3 non-profit that blesses children, veterans, communities, and theaters with the ability to experience a better message when they can’t afford to go to the movies.

Be a part of the Christian Media Alliance

Christian Media Alliance (CMA) is a group of businesses and individuals who have come together to use media to create a lasting impact on the world together.

Where does my money go?

100% of your charitable deduction goes toward ticket purchases. You can allocate the donated funds directly to the organization/church of your choice or choose one of our many partners.

What is next?

Join the movement...Give today.