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Jesus was the greatest storyteller of all time. Whether it was demonstrating love, modeling forgiveness, persevering in prayer, dispensing justice, or serving the needy, His profound yet simple stories have touched hearts for over two millennia, guiding humanity to a greater good.

Today, telling a story is vastly different than in Jesus’ time. There are radio broadcasts and television shows; podcasts, streaming videos and theatrical releases. We can view content on our smartphone, tablet, computer monitor or TV screen.
The possibilities seem literally endless.

Interestingly, a recent study tested the reach of the Christian message in this media-saturated world. How are we impacting those around us? How effective is our messaging in reaching the unsaved and discipling the saved?

Well, as expected (and by a significant margin), most listeners of Christian-based radio programming are Christian, as are most viewers of Christian-based television programs.

But there was one statistic that took many by surprise: Forty percent of Americans (that is one in four) watched a Christian movie in the last year. Not just forty percent of American Christians, but forty percent of all Americans.

One would expect a large number of Christians to support a movie with a Christian message. But let’s break down this statistic to really understand the impact of faith-based films on those who identify themselves as non-Christians:

40% of all Americans watched a Christian movie last year
 Of those…
 35% were “unchurched” 
 Of those…
 11% were atheists or agnostics 
based on

At Pure Flix, we believe in the power of telling a story. We believe in inspiring, challenging, and illustrating the power of God’s love. We believe that people from all walks of life can be touched and transformed by the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe people are searching for meaning and seeking what is good and true. And we believe God has called us to share His message and tell the story of His love through the powerful medium of movies.

Won’t you join us?

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