Shine The Light

For each one of us who is called to engage the culture, it is easy to become discouraged by current events. In fact, we do not need another poll to confirm the startling trend: our society is moving further and further away from biblical principles at an alarming rate. This societal shift requires us to adjust our approach in order to reach nonbelievers in our communities by seeking new ways to share the good news.

Obviously, Jesus was no stranger to the fact that doubters and deniers inhabited the cities and towns to which He traveled. Yet, in obedience to the Father, He faithfully journeyed to share His gospel message, whether it was with a solitary woman at the well, in the private home of a tax collector, or among a crowd gathered to hear Him on a mountainside. As He went, Jesus spoke in a way that captivated, challenged and inspired the hearer.

Not only that, He calls those who believe in Him to do the same:

“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.”

Matthew 5:14 (ESV)

Pure Flix believes each one of us must do our part to shine as a light for Christ in our cities, towns, and communities. Wherever God has planted us, our mission is clear: we are to bring the light of His truth, doing our part to dispel the darkness of this world by carrying on His mission and influencing the culture for His glory.

To fulfill this clear directive, Pure Flix invested in a solution and founded the Pure Flix Alliance, which establishes and expands global relationships with Christian denominations, churches, and ministries, as well as Christian-led organizations, to align assets with vision to perpetuate faith and family media. For our Alliance partners, we offer a threefold approach to influencing those in our communities and inspiring those in our congregations through Pure Flix Faith + Family Digital, Pure Flix Church Group Movie Tickets, and the Pure Flix Church Movie Ministry.

Over the next series of articles, we will go into each one of these approaches in detail, explaining how you can implement each one of these to grow your church and disciple your people.  Stand with us as we labor to change the culture for Christ, one heart at a time.