Make It A Movie Night

Whether at home or in a theater, movie night is a special night.


It’s when friends and family gather to spend time together and enjoy an evening of entertainment and fellowship. In the US alone, an average of 265 million people attend movies annually, which is more than the number who attend theme parks and sporting events combined! In fact, with movie night so popular among both kids and adults, many families consider it an important entertainment event to share together.

With Pure Flix, you can offer this experience to your
church family and community through the Pure Flix Church Movie Ministry.

 The Pure Flix Church Movie Ministry provides you with films that contain powerful messaging designed to educate and entertain. So whether your audience is new church members, unchurched community members, small group members or your entire church family and their invited friends, Pure Flix offers a variety of resources to help make your Movie Ministry event a success.

How It Works

Pure Flix assists you by streamlining the process. In only four simple steps, you can choose your film, secure a DVD movie license, receive your movie materials, and host your event! In addition, depending on your movie selection, your Pure Flix movie license includes digital resources such as customizable sermons, sermon video clips, movie trailers, bulletin inserts, and power point templates…everything you need to promote your movie night! With our theatrical movies you can add a Student Teaching Guide, Adult Study Guide, posters, post cards, door hangers and even a Movie Night Planning Guide. Pure Flix offers a number of creative license packages to meet your needs; in fact, your movie license, along with some of the accompanying resource materials, is affordably priced and based on your church’s weekly attendance.

Movies with a Message

At Pure Flix, it is our mission to be the world leader in producing and distributing faith and family media. This means we are dedicated to bringing you movies that proclaim the most most powerful message of all: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not only are we committed to the Gospel message; we are committed to supporting you as you share the Good News in your church and to your community.

For more information on Pure Flix Church Movie Ministry, click here.