Entertainment and Evangelism

To fulfill the Great Commission, today’s pastors
are looking for innovative outreach strategies.

From servant evangelism to partnering with local organizations, leaders are becoming more and more creative in order to connect with the unchurched in their communities. Instead of waiting for those who need the gospel to find the church, pastors are reaching out to them where they live, work and gather.

With over 265 million people visiting the movie theater annually, and forty percent of all Americans viewing a faith-based film in the last year[i], Pure Flix believes that the local theater is the pastor’s next outreach center. Through faith-based films, great stories are told that point to the Greatest Story Ever Told, and real-life dramas are presented that encourage viewers to reflect on their own lives, choices, motives…and eternal future.

We believe so strongly in the influence of entertainment on the culture that we have created the Pure Flix Faith and Family Alliance, which partners with leaders of the local church to support their outreach efforts through faith-based films. One goal of this partnership is profound and effective: to build a bridge from the local theater to the local church.

Here’s how it can work for you,
and for virtually any size congregation:

First, designate a night for your church to go to the movies. As a world leader in producing and distributing faith and family media, Pure Flix offers group movie ticket sales for your church to our theatrical releases. Simply encourage your congregation to invite their families, friends and neighbors to join you. With the proven popularity of a night at the movies, you will have an opportunity to reach those who would not necessarily visit a church building.

Next, with seating ranging from fifty to five hundred, consider the advantages of purchasing all the seats of a theater showing. For Woodlawn, our latest, upcoming release, pastors are buying out entire theater showings by matching up the size of their congregation to the size of the theater(s). This is a great way to generalize your attendance for your congregants and their guests. Here’s why pastors have found this approach to be so beneficial:

When you purchase all the seats of a theater showing, you are able to open with a welcome and close with an invitation for further discussion, to a special event, or to just stay connected (however you are led), building a bridge to your church.

This is why we do what we do: to influence the culture for Christ through media. Please consider joining us as an Alliance Partner. Let us support you with great faith and family entertainment as you reach your community for Christ.

[i] http://pluggedin.focusonthefamily.com/theyll-know-christians-movies/