Real Role Models


WOODLAWN, the latest Pure Flix theatrical release, illustrates the power of positive role models. One positive includes being real: Instead of the main characters being the product of someone’s creative genius, these characters are based on real people and real life. And instead of overcoming adversity through superhuman powers or impossible action sequences, challenges are overcome through integrity, commitment, and living for Christ.

WOODLAWN is just one recent example of entertainment at its best, which is entertainment that inspires the viewer to examine life and encourages the viewer to pursue excellence in every arena and circumstance, no matter how difficult. Even when the situation doesn’t finish with a neatly tied bow, and some battles are lost along the way, there is an impact that is positive, life changing, and lasting.

This is the kind of message we want our kids to embrace, and the kind of role models we want our kids to emulate.

Not all entertainment has these elements. There are many feature films and television shows where the heroes act similarly to the antagonists; the only difference is that they work for different sides. What is the take away? Unfortunately, it might be that the end justifies the means. Or that victory is the ultimate goal, whatever the harm inflicted on those involved.

Thankfully, faith-based entertainment delivers a different message. It is a message of hope and love. A message of good triumphing over evil and life lived with eternity in view. Of miracles happening in the every day when people determine to do the right and noble thing. And in the day in and day out of faithful living, history is made.

Pure Flix Digital offers these inspiring stories for families of all ages to enjoy. Like WOODLAWN, many of these accounts are true: real people facing real challenges and responding with real faith. Learn about the courage of Corrie Ten Boom, who was shipped to a concentration camp with her family when their efforts to protect Jewish families from the Nazis were uncovered. Discover the lives of John Bunyan, William Wilberforce, and David Livingstone, all heroes from Christian history. Journey to the heart of C.S. Lewis’ classic work, Mere Christianity, and allow its message of true discipleship and sacrificial love to challenge your heart and inspire your faith.

With a growing list of titles, Pure Flix Digital has content for the entire family. But don’t just take my word for it, please visit the website and see for yourself! I believe you will find content that both entertains and inspires!