Family Friendly Fare?

Those of us who are Baby Boomers have witnessed dramatic changes in almost every area of life, which we have no problem sharing in conversation with Millennials until their eyes glaze over. Obviously tech and entertainment were quite different for us than for young adults today. We had rotary phones and party lines, transistor radios and rabbit ear antennas. Though considered primitive technology by today’s standards, the Boomer generation was on the brink of a new technological trend.

Additionally, Baby Boomers achieved another first, becoming the first generation to be raised on television, with shows such as Lassie, Daniel Boone, Gomer Pyle, Father Knows Best, and other similar fare airing weekly. These were shows that the entire family enjoyed and often shared together. Instead of gathering around the radio like their parents, they gathered around the television set, even experiencing the arrival of color television in the mid-1960’s.

Television content has changed a lot since then.

In fact, today there are few network shows available that the entire family would enjoy. And if all happened to agree on a particular one, parents need to brace themselves for the advertisements interspersed throughout. Unfortunately, suggestive content is not only limited to television scripts these days. From burgers to insurance, commercial advertisers broadcast material that is not always appropriate for younger viewers.

This is just one reason for pastors to become Pure Flix Alliance Partners.

As an Alliance Partner, you will be an integral part of the vision of Pure Flix to support the local church with outreach, discipleship, wholesome movie entertainment, educational films, television series and documentaries. As a church, you can use many of these films for illustration in your discipleship classes, small groups, Sunday School classes, children’s church, youth group, and congregational messages.

Pure Flix also offers Pure Flix Digital, our digital streaming on demand service, which delivers commercial-free content, taking the anxiety out of television viewing.

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