A Special Time of Year

With the holidays in full swing, our family is enjoying a variety of activities that only this season brings. From the Advent celebration to the annual family Christmas gathering, these long-anticipated days are speeding by too quickly. Each year our tree remains up for another week, and so will our holiday light display. I’m sure … Continued

Holiday or Holy Day?

With the Christmas holiday a few short weeks away, excitement is definitely building for this special time of year. Today I thought I would share an observation about what I am seeing and hearing leading up to Christmas Day. For Christians, the Christmas holiday means Holy Day. Though we also enjoy the festivities in varying … Continued

Building a Church through Building Relationships

If you listen to most voices, the common refrain today is that the American church is on the decline. We hear of millennials leaving in droves, established denominations losing members, and churches closing their doors. Though there are certainly some alarming trends that need addressed, trends we have highlighted in our own blogs, there is … Continued

Give the Gift of Great Entertainment

In this season of giving, it’s the challenge of almost every parent and grandparent to find gifts that are appropriate for (and appreciated by) today’s diverse family. After all there are so many age-specific and activity-specific options, it’s difficult to find the “perfect” gift that’s also budget-friendly. I encountered that problem recently with our own … Continued