Give the Gift of Great Entertainment

Family relaxing in bed together

In this season of giving, it’s the challenge of almost every parent and grandparent to find gifts that are appropriate for (and appreciated by) today’s diverse family. After all there are so many age-specific and activity-specific options, it’s difficult to find the “perfect” gift that’s also budget-friendly.

I encountered that problem recently with our own expanding brood and turned to the Internet to find out what options were available (and popular) for those who prefer to be surprised on Christmas morning.

Searching online was educational, to say the least.

If you have not had this opportunity, let me save you time and share with you my findings:

If it’s digital or electronic (in other words, pricey), it will probably be a hit.

From smartphone projectors and smartphone UV sanitizers (really) to speaker chairs that enhance the gaming and movie experience, the reality of today’s digital age is obvious when looking at the most requested gift items, especially by those in the early teen to young adult range.

There are things that we would not have even imagined existing a few years ago.

But here we are today with the digital influence in every area of life. No longer is it a matter of not participating in the digital revolution (especially since most learning institutions and employees require these skills); now it’s a matter of how much exposure we allow our families and ourselves without going into sensory overload. So let’s harness this reality and use it for good, which brings us back to our gift options this year.

Give the gift of the Pure Flix Digital Streaming Service!

For our family of faith, this is the go-to gift this year. It’s age appropriate and economical with entertainment options for a variety of tastes and interests. In fact, for less than the price of one DVD per month, you can purchase a subscription to Pure Flix Digital. With new movie content added regularly (some even include Discussion Guides to help facilitate meaningful conversations after the movie) this is a gift that will keep on giving.

For more information and to see if Pure Flix Digital is a great gift option for you this year, please visit us at

And happy giving!