The Rise of the SVOD

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From the time my kids were young, I made a concerted effort to protect them from the harmful effects of television. Often this required a significant amount of research on my part; after all, this was before online content reviews and program alerts were available at my fingertips. More than once, I contemplated cutting the cord to cable service completely. However, I ended up allowing television viewing on a very limited basis, and only for those shows I considered kid-safe. Though there were some shows strictly for fun, as a homeschool family, I also looked for programming that was educational and informational.

Even then the selections were slim.

Before long I had a video library that overtook my shelving space. Documentaries, historical fiction, dramatic reenactments, science, geography, Bible stories, popular tales featuring vegetables…all personally purchased because what I really wanted and really needed was not available on the many channels carried by my cable provider.

Though this occurred several years ago, today is not much different except for the fact that the majority of programs targeting kids and teens have slid even further away from the values we embrace. The response of most Christian parents is to continue investing in a DVD/Blu-ray library that will be safe viewing for the entire family. I’m sure many of you are nodding your head in agreement. At the same time, most families continue to pay for cable channels that are never watched, and for some cable channels that end up being blocked entirely.

When you think of the amount of funds invested by families in order to watch some decent programs, it’s no wonder the SVOD (subscription video on demand) streaming services are on the rise. With only a nominal fee, often less than the price of one DVD, viewers can watch what they want. No more payments for multi-tier cable packages that go nearly unnoticed and unwatched. No more worries about the barrage of messages from advertisers. With the SVOD, the viewer is in charge. Not the cable company. That is good news.

But there is also better news.

Pure Flix Entertainment has taken their SVOD service, PureFlix Digital, and tailored it for viewers who desire faith and family content. With a library of over 3000 titles and growing, families can enjoy major motion pictures, television series, animated series, educational films, and more. Is it time for you to cut the cable cord, save money, and enjoy great entertainment? If your answer is “yes” or “maybe”, head over to and sign up for your free month!