Buyer Beware!

Almost anyone who enjoys photography is an avid fan of Photoshop. It makes skies bluer, grass greener, and memories more memorable. However, lately there has been some concern about how marketers use this incredibly creative tool. And here’s why. Adults understand that images we see in marketing ads are often altered from their natural state. … Continued

Equip or Entertain?

There is a lot of talk recently about the need to equip Christians with answers for the questions and challenges of our times. Obviously, with the seismic cultural shifts that are occurring, Christians need to be educated across a variety of subjects in order to respond biblically. This not only takes effort on behalf of … Continued

Extend Your Reach

In our last blog, we learned that the most attended day of the year for the church is Easter Sunday when we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Not only is this a “must attend” service for the faithful, it also attracts those who rarely, if ever, attend church any other time of the year. … Continued

Easter and Beyond

In churches across America, pastors are preparing their congregations for a spiritual journey from the five Sundays of Lent and Palm Sunday to the events of Holy Week, culminating in Resurrection Day. In addition to ministering to their own flock, pastors also recognize the importance of planning for their largest attended service of the year, … Continued