Buyer Beware!


Almost anyone who enjoys photography is an avid fan of Photoshop. It makes skies bluer, grass greener, and memories more memorable. However, lately there has been some concern about how marketers use this incredibly creative tool.

And here’s why.

Adults understand that images we see in marketing ads are often altered from their natural state. (Honestly, who looks that flawless?) However developmentally, children under the age of thirteen cannot tell the difference. That means that the images they see, they believe to be real. And what they believe to be real, they try to emulate.

Not only that, these images impact the self-image of their target audience. It’s not just those who can’t discern altered from real, either. Whether it is a mature woman who believes a certain product can erase the years, or a young woman who thinks she can achieve the perfect look, altered images create a distorted and unachievable view of reality.

And of beauty.

Recently, the Parents Television Council, in conjunction with other sponsors, compiled statistics that graphically illustrate the negative effects of modern day advertising strategies, especially on women.

Here are just a few facts from their website,

  • Approximately 7 million women and girls struggle with an eating disorder
  • Young girls are being stylized in the media to look and act like adults
  • Girls are surrounded by images of female beauty that are unrealistic and unattainable
  • 42% of elementary school children between 1st and 3rd grades want to be thinner
  • The media pushes an unnatural body type, making it difficult to accept natural beauty


The list goes on and the research is piling up. Not only can television and movie caricatures harm one’s self-image, commercials and advertisements can, too.

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