Think On These Things

As I read my Bible, I marvel at how the words written so long ago continue to inspire and instruct, transcending time and culture. In fact, the wisdom of the Scriptures often speak to many of the struggles believers face today. This became apparent to me recently while I was reading one particular passage that … Continued

The Saint and the Shamrock

I find history fascinating, especially when I learn the facts behind the traditions we celebrate today. That fascination includes the historical account of the venerated St. Patrick, whose feast day is observed on March 17th, coinciding with the date of his death in his beloved Ireland. Unlike the modern St. Patrick’s Day celebrations that typically … Continued

Not Of This World

The other day I was driving down the freeway and noticed several bumper stickers with the NOTW logo. For Christians, we know that this means “Not Of This World”. At this time, as we approach Holy Week, let’s look at the scripture passage that is the basis for this symbol, considering what it means for … Continued

Not So Old Fashioned

Watch the Trailer Recently I was thinking about simpler times. Maybe it was because of the passing of Nancy Reagan, which signified the passing of an era. Whatever prompted it, I found myself reminiscing wistfully about life without twenty-four hour phone access, twenty-four hour news access, and all the complexities, challenges and choices of today’s … Continued