Not So Old Fashioned

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Recently I was thinking about simpler times. Maybe it was because of the passing of Nancy Reagan, which signified the passing of an era. Whatever prompted it, I found myself reminiscing wistfully about life without twenty-four hour phone access, twenty-four hour news access, and all the complexities, challenges and choices of today’s modern society. Though there are some great benefits, like most things, this advancement is a double-edged sword, affecting everything from career opportunities to personal relationships. In other words, nothing is immune from the rapid shifting we see occurring all around us. And those of us who hold traditional, timeless views are often dismissed as out of touch, out of step, and old fashioned.

Into this environment, a film was released last year that brought the moral principles believers cherish into today’s amoral climate. And this movie didn’t just open in theaters on any weekend; it intentionally opened opposite Fifty Shades of Grey, making the contrast even more striking.

Written and directed by Rik Swartzwelder and distributed by Pure Flix Entertainment, Old Fashioned went on to earn much respect for its complex characters and excellent script, defying the odds and proving that viewers really do want a well-told romance with a moral message. And unlike some of the classic romance movies where everything ends with a neatly tied bow, this film portrays the struggles of living with conviction in today’s society and the important role authentic faith plays in living those convictions victoriously. Especially when they are embraced due to the mistakes and heartaches of the past.

For adults and families with older teens, Old Fashioned is a great film to watch. And we’re not the only ones who think so. The reviewers over at Plugged In (Focus on the Family) not only nominated it for the Best Christian Movie of 2015, they selected it against stellar competition, including War Room, Captive, Beyond the Mask, and Woodlawn, another Pure Flix film.

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