Faith in Action

Recently I had the opportunity to hear a successful, well-known businessman share about his journey of faith in Christ. In the beginning, it seemed like God placed believers in his life at every turn and around every corner. Eventually, realizing that this was not just coincidence, he began to ask questions and seek answers in … Continued

On The Move

It’s no secret that technology is changing many of our patterns of behavior. For a moment, consider how we acquired and recorded information or accomplished work tasks before mobile devices or internet access was widely available. The change is rapid, and it’s not slowing down. Recently, the US Census Bureau conducted a study for the … Continued

Spread the Word

Over the last several years, studies have reported the gradual decline of church attendance. Not only do the numbers represent those who have never attended a worship service, it also represents the 40-60 percent of members in the church who are inactive. These numbers are quite startling and illustrate the importance of outreach campaigns that … Continued

GND2 Scores with Audiences!

Getting a film from script to screen is not for the faint of heart. You begin with an idea, develop the characters, define your setting, write your dialogue, decide the location, determine your financials, acquire the proper permits, cast the roles, develop your print and advertising strategy, the list goes on and on. And behind … Continued