GND2 Scores with Audiences!

Getting a film from script to screen is not for the faint of heart. You begin with an idea, develop the characters, define your setting, write your dialogue, decide the location, determine your financials, acquire the proper permits, cast the roles, develop your print and advertising strategy, the list goes on and on. And behind the scenes, teams of people work tirelessly to navigate unexpected challenges and meet looming deadlines. Finally, after literally hundreds of edits to refine the final product, plus coordinating multiple screenings for feedback, you have a film that is ready for release.

But you’re not done yet! Now it’s time to select the theaters. Where are the best places? How many screens? And for faith films, how do support the local church and other faith-based organizations to streamline the process for acquiring group tickets and selecting theater buyouts?

That’s just a little bit of the background (very simplified) in getting a national theatrical release like God’s Not Dead 2 into a theater near you. Of course, for Pure Flix, the entire process is covered in prayer by the staff and prayer partners.

Finally, opening night arrives. All the preparation, prayer and persistence culminate in this moment. And for every filmmaker and studio, all those involved in the making of the film ask one basic question: Did we communicate our message in a way that reaches the audience?

To find the answer to that question involves measuring the movie’s appeal, which is the goal of CinemaScore. CinemaScore has set the industry standard for polling audiences on opening night to assess their reaction to the film. Each participant is provided a ballot and asked to assign a grade from A (for the best) to F (for the worst). These results are tallied and a final overall grade is assigned to the film, which is then publically released after opening night.

With all the other critiques available, why is this so important?

As you know, movie reviews are written by one person, so they don’t always reflect the opinion of the audience. In fact, some big box office successes have been subject to withering criticism. That’s why the rating from a market research firm like CinemaScore is so important. It tells us what the audience thinks and acts as an unbiased source for future moviegoers.

Thankfully, God’s Not Dead 2 not only made the grade with opening night audiences, it scored an A! If you missed it opening weekend, make sure to see it at a theater near you! And if you are a ministry leader who would like information on group ticket sales, please contact us. We will have a Pure Flix Alliance representative connect with you to help you with the process.

Please visit and click on the Group Movie Tickets tab and provide your contact information.

See you at the movies!