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Over the last several years, studies have reported the gradual decline of church attendance. Not only do the numbers represent those who have never attended a worship service, it also represents the 40-60 percent of members in the church who are inactive. These numbers are quite startling and illustrate the importance of outreach campaigns that focus on the unchurched as well as those who claim church membership but do not engage with their faith community. Interestingly, even those who are consider themselves regular church-goers might only attend once or twice a month.

In order to support the local church in their outreach efforts, Pure Flix creates a variety of support materials for pastors to use, which corresponds with each major theatrical release. Currently, church kits are available for recent films such as God’s Not Dead and Do You Believe?, along with a complete campaign kit for God’s Not Dead 2, currently showing in theaters.

What does a Church Kit offer?

Each movie has an outreach and discipleship purpose, creating a main theme for the church campaign. For example, God’s Not Dead proves the existence of God while Do You Believe? illustrates the power of the cross of Christ to change lives. In the new release, God’s Not Dead 2 proves the validity of the Gospels through the testimony of two expert witnesses. The church kit for God’s Not Dead 2 focuses on the same question asked of the movie’s main character (“Who Do You Say I Am?”), offering a four-week series with actual video clips from the film and supporting Scripture to help those in your church and community discover the answer. In addition the Church Kit contains a Planning Guide, four-week DVD-based Student Kit, four-week DVD-based Study Kit, four customizable sermons, and Digital Resources. To spread the word throughout your community, there are also banners, postcards, door hangers, and invite tickets. In other words, everything you need to launch a successful church campaign is available; you simply choose the materials that work best for you!

If you would like to learn more, please connect with us at www.pureflixalliance.comand fill out your contact information. We also invite you to view all the Pure Flix theatrical release resources available for your ministry’s outreach and discipleship efforts at www.outreach.com.