Broken and Beautiful: The Story Behind Bella

Watch the Trailer In the midst of the culture war, we sometimes forget that there are real people with real problems behind the stories that drive the debate. However, movies like Bella remind us of this fact, and remind the faith community of the power of love. The Controversy For over forty years since the … Continued

Woodlawn: A Movie with a Message

If you have been a movie viewer for any length of time, you have figured out by now that each movie conveys a message. Typically, this message is intentionally and intricately woven throughout the dialogue, leaving the audience with a clear understanding of the writer’s intent. Often, audiences who prefer movies positive messages are left … Continued

The Connected Church

With the rise of digital media and mobile devices, we have become an on-demand, online society with almost everything available at our fingertips. Obviously, this has affected every area of life, from how we receive our news and entertainment to how we network and connect with family, friends and coworkers. But how about the local … Continued