Broken and Beautiful: The Story Behind Bella

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In the midst of the culture war, we sometimes forget that there are real people with real problems behind the stories that drive the debate. However, movies like Bella remind us of this fact, and remind the faith community of the power of love.

The Controversy

For over forty years since the controversial Supreme Court decision in 1973 known as Roe vs. Wade (which stated that a woman had the constitutional right to terminate her pregnancy within the first trimester with no restrictions), Americans have been divided into two camps: pro-life and pro-choice. This division is evident as individual states have taken differing positions: some allow easier access to abortion services even after the first trimester, favoring the reproductive rights of the mother; while others place restrictions on such abortion services, offering as much protection to the life of the unborn child as legally possible. With such differences of opinion, ongoing court challenges, and over one million abortions performed annually in the United States, the issue of abortion is a moral one that will not simply “go away” any time soon.

Broken and Beautiful

Because the issue of abortion is so polarizing, few filmmakers will attempt to tell the story about those who find themselves facing an unwanted pregnancy. However, the team who brought us Bella courageously tackles this subject with compassion and dignity. Without giving away too much, this is a film you must see for yourself or with your teens. Not only is its subject matter timely, the message of forgiveness, the reality of redemption, and the power of love could not be more exceptionally told. Here’s why I think this is an important film for those of us in the faith community:

When we allow our imperfect selves to reach out and touch others in need, we can see God take the broken and make something beautiful.

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