Who Is Jesus?

In our scripture reading below, we find that Jesus means different things to different people. Even in His time, He was considered to be someone other than who He really was. That misconception still holds true today. Regardless of the evidence, some consider Jesus a myth; some consider Him just a man, while others consider … Continued

Fatherhood: Celebrating and Remembering

This last weekend, families gathered to celebrate the fathers in their midst and to remember those who had passed. These times are bittersweet yet valuable, causing us to contemplate the meaning of fatherhood and the importance of leaving a legacy. Of course, not all memories are pleasant. In our increasingly fatherless society, revisiting childhood means … Continued

Summertime and Screen Time

It’s that time of year when most kids are out of school and looking forward to summer days without the typical routine of the morning rush, school classes and nightly homework. While kids anticipate this much-needed break, it presents certain challenges for parents. We know that kids of all ages want to be busy and … Continued

Plan to Stand with God

Religious freedom is certainly the hot topic of the day, from classrooms to newsrooms to the political stage. Once recognized as an untouchable, unchangeable “first freedom”, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment is under a barrage of attacks to redefine its original intent and neutralize its impact on society. That’s … Continued