Plan to Stand with God


Religious freedom is certainly the hot topic of the day, from classrooms to newsrooms to the political stage. Once recognized as an untouchable, unchangeable “first freedom”, guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States, the First Amendment is under a barrage of attacks to redefine its original intent and neutralize its impact on society.

That’s why God’s Not Dead 2 is such an important, culturally relevant film.

As you watch the cultural shift occur, you probably know the faces behind the bold headlines, whether it is a coach, a baker, a florist, or a pharmacist. Just regular people exercising their First Amendment rights, suddenly thrust into the spotlight and becoming catalysts for heated conversations and targets of religious intolerance. These individuals represent those who not only congregate to worship on Sunday, but also live those beliefs every day of the week. In other words, they represent you and me, and if we are suddenly placed in that position, how will we react?

Will we be prepared to stand with God?

Because this is such a critical time for believers, Pure Flix has teamed up with YouVersion, makers of the popular Bible app used by tens of millions around the world, to offer our seven-day Bible plan, “Stand With God“. Using video clips from the latest Pure Flix theatrical release, God’s Not Dead 2, this devotional encourages readers to stand with God in the midst of today’s cultural challenges with courage and grace, even when the costs are high.

Packed with scripture readings, devotional insight, inspirational characters, and gripping visual elements, we believe this Bible plan will be a blessing to you and those in your church. It’s our way to thank you for your continued support as we endeavor to influence the culture for Christ through media.

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