A Celebration of Legacy and Liberty



As we remember celebrating our nation’s birthday with fireworks, family gatherings, games, and (of course) barbecues, it’s a good time to also remember those who sacrificed their lives to give us the liberty we hold so dear. One way of doing that is by revisiting history, discovering or rediscovering the people who were significant participants in the great experiment called the United States of America.


Although I was taught American history, I never tire of it. And I have also found that what I learned during my school years barely scratched the surface of this tumultuous time in our nation’s formation. No one knew what would happen when independence was declared; would the men known as our Founding Fathers (George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Gouverneur Morris) be celebrated as heroes of a new nation or hung as traitors of the Crown?


There were many unsung heroes as well; those whose names do not appear in our nation’s textbooks but who risked it all for liberty. However, their stories live on in their own families and communities, passed down from generation to generation. One film I watched recently, All for Liberty, actually dramatizes such a legacy, and the central character is a man named Captain Henry Felder.


If you have never heard of Capt. Felder, you’re not alone, which is why this film is so fascinating. Set in South Carolina, Captain Felder was given a special request by Governor Rutledge (South Carolina’s patriot governor) to draft a document known as the articles of separation, outlining conditions for their separation from the Crown. Of special note is the timing of this document, which occurred several months before the Declaration of Independence. The film then goes on to explore the conflict that ensued, neighbor against neighbor, Tory versus Patriot.


So after the barbecue, the fireworks, and the fun, step back in time to the founding of our nation with this insightful, special film. And as you do, note the legacy left to the following generations when one man stands for justice and for liberty. In fact, the main character’s legacy is personal as well. In the film, Captain Felder is actually played by veteran actor Clarence Felder, who happens to be his 6th great-grandson. As your family gathers around, I hope you are blessed with this tribute to a hero and a patriot.


Awarded the Dove Foundation Family Seal of Approval for ages 12 and up, All for Liberty is currently streaming at pureflix.com.