What’s Your Message?



Creating consistent messaging throughout your organization is critical to the impact and effectiveness of your ongoing communication. True for business. True for church. Here are some keys that will help you craft a compelling message that communicates your mission and purpose successfully.


First, when we talk about messaging, we are talking

about the way you communicate who you are to your audience.


A distinct identity is important and stays constant throughout all messaging efforts. For the pastor, this is also unique to a church’s defined call: If I am serving the inner city community, my message will be much different than that of the pastor of a rural church. Also, if my church is predominantly millennials, my messaging will be much different than a church that has predominantly senior congregants.


When your messaging is defined, all future campaigns, programs and initiatives will operate using the same language. Plus, it will be implemented across all ministries and all departments, maintaining consistency as the church grows.


Crafting Your Message


According to the Center for Nonprofit Management, effective messaging will “highlight your unique benefits, target your audience, support your mission and often include a call to action.” Though this sounds like a complex process, it can really be quite simple: Create a series of statements defining the points above and use them as your foundational messaging; a pastor can craft these alone or with a leadership team.


Mixed Messages


With all the channels of communication today, from your signage to your website, well-crafted messaging is a necessity. Since many churches have grown organically without thought to the overall message, mixed messages are being sent today. If you suspect that to be true of your church or ministry organization, now’s the time to lay the foundation and align your communication efforts with common messaging. Taking these critical steps now will help you more effectively reach your audience with the greatest Message of all.


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