Start a Chain Reaction

Watch The Trailer There are moments in life that are never forgotten…not only times of great celebration but also times of unspeakable tragedy. For many of us, April 20, 1999 was one of those defining moments. On that day, two young men with evil intent entered Columbine High School, spreading terror, stealing innocence, shattering lives, … Continued

Manly Worship: A Weapon of Your Warfare

  It’s easy to get weighed down by the responsibilities and challenges we face on a daily basis. And it’s easy to feel weary in the battle of life. However, as Christian men, we must remember that we have a powerful ally, helper and friend who is with us through it all, actively working on … Continued

Get Ready for a Theatrical Worship Experience

Watch the Trailer Drama. Comedy. Action. Animation. Adventure. These are just some examples of the numerous movie genres available for the filmgoer, and each one has its own set of avid fans. But on September 16th, there will be another film category to inspire and excite audiences: the theatrical worship experience.   Blazing a new … Continued

Action and Adventure

Watch the Trailer Since I was young, I have enjoyed tales of action and exploration, and the lazier days of my boyhood summers often found me with book in hand as I traveled deep into a volcano with Jules Verne in Journey to the Center of the Earth or sought justice for the young Scotsman … Continued

The Connected Church

With the rise of digital media and mobile devices, we have become an on-demand, online society with almost everything available at our fingertips. Obviously, this has affected every area of life, from how we receive our news and entertainment to how we network and connect with family, friends and coworkers. But how about the local … Continued