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Drama. Comedy. Action. Animation. Adventure. These are just some examples of the numerous movie genres available for the filmgoer, and each one has its own set of avid fans. But on September 16th, there will be another film category to inspire and excite audiences: the theatrical worship experience.


Blazing a new trail and creating a new genre, the much-anticipated film, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, blends a biopic with worship footage to offer the movie-going public a behind the scenes look at the members of the most popular church band of all time as they live, perform and create music that will be sung around the world. And, in keeping with the worship band’s primary purpose, the name of Jesus is magnified above all.


From seemingly small and insignificant beginnings thirty years ago, Hillsong has grown to become internationally recognized, with over 50 million people in 60 different languages singing their songs on any given Sunday. Now the same energy, passion and focus that launched this incredible ministry is captured on the big screen. And the music itself, accompanied by the lyrics for a powerful worship experience, is unique to any other. If the recent audience screenings are any indication, and you feel like joining the band in song, don’t be shy. You will most likely not be the only one who taps their feet, claps their hands, or decides to sing along to their favorite worship tunes. Here’s just a sampling of the comments we’ve received:


“ This wasn’t an experience that lasted two hours, but rather one that transcends beyond into eternity!” Boston, MA 

“Very real people who have a heart for souls.” Phoenix, AZ

“This would appeal to a younger crowd but that doesn’t mean the older generation doesn’t come away worshiping God.” Daytona, FL

“Great worship!” Seattle, WA 

“Compelling story integrating music with a real experience of a group of friends who are influencing millions.” Dallas, TX


 Pure Flix is honored to bring this powerful, groundbreaking, theatrical worship experience to your area. For information on group ticket sales for Hillsong: Let Hope Rise, please visit us at: