The Sound of a Generation


With the nationwide release of Hillsong: Let Hope Rise on September 16th, I had a moment to reflect on the transformation of Christian music over the last several decades. I don’t know when you first encountered music of faith that detoured from the more conventional style, but I thought I’d share a brief snapshot of the history that brings us to today.


First of all, every generation has a sound.


The 70’s brought us music from the Jesus Movement that featured bands in jeans instead of choirs in robes, mostly appealing to the younger crowd. After all, many of these “hippies”, who came to Christ, brought current music trends such as pop and rock to their worship sound. This was followed by the 80’s, when the term “Contemporary Christian Music” or “CCM” became more widely used. From then until now, there have been several subgenres added (such as urban contemporary gospel and Christian hip hop, plus others).


Because of these changes in CCM, music with a Christian message appeals to a wide range of audiences, and not only on the radio. In fact, I remember one season when American Idol contestants sang Hillsong’s “Shout to the Lord” as their group number (twice actually, but that’s another story). Several contestants on The Voice have sung inspirational music too, creating moments so special that they become their defining, breakout performance.


Today’s sound reaches the big screen.


Now Christian worship music comes to the big screen. It’s been a journey arriving here, but it’s also been worth the wait. With today’s cinematic sound and technology, Hillsong: Let Hope Rise is truly an inspirational, theatrical worship experience that appeals to all ages. Also, with research showing that 35 percent of faith-based movie audiences are unchurched, we pray the inspiration and impact of today’s worship sound will touch audiences’ hearts and transform lives.


Take a group of friends.


Get a group together and see/experience this unique film. At this time, we continue to offer group tickets available for online purchase. Simply visit us at and complete the form. See you at the movies!


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