Join the “I AM HOPE” Movement


Nearly every great movement had a small beginning. It might have started with a conversation that led to an idea, or a need that required a solution. Whatever the reason, God touched that simple act of faith in a special way to extend its reach far and wide.


Do not despise these small beginnings,For the Lord rejoices to see the work begin  ~Zechariah 4:10 NLT


At the end of each September, there is a student-led initiative that began in 1990 with only ten students in a small town in Texas but has grown to become a global movement. Known as “See You at the Pole”, millions of students will gather around their flagpole before the start of their school day to simply pray: for their schools, communities, families, friends, churches and one another. Through strong student leadership, “ See You at the Pole” continues to show unity of purpose among young believers at campuses around the world. “We Cry Out”, which is this year’s theme based on Psalm 24:3-6, is a rallying cry for this generation.


In conjunction with this year’s global prayer initiative, Pure Flix Alliance is launching the “I Am Hope” campaign. This four-week discipleship program is designed to equip and empower the youth to confidently share their faith with others. Preceding the release of the movie, I’m Not Ashamed (the stirring story of Rachel Joy Scott who was the first shooting victim at Columbine), this program encourages students to act on their faith by sharing it and living it through love, compassion and service to others.


We would be honored if you joined us in the effort. First, by praying for those who are coordinating with the various youth groups across the nation; second, by praying for students to become active participants; and third, by asking God to touch it in a special way so that it will become an integral part of His plan for this generation. You can download the app here:


In the next post, we will explore the “I Am Hope” discipleship program in more detail. Until then, let’s pray for those who are gathering this week, that God would hear their cries and bring spiritual renewal and awakening to their generation.


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