What’s Your Rating?

Though the opinions of movie critics are important to any film, the true litmus test for the filmmaker is the audience response. After all, the moviegoer is the one you want to impact, entertain, inform, or mobilize, depending on the purpose of the story.   This past weekend, I’m Not Ashamed opened in 505 theaters … Continued

There’s Hope for Today

  If you read any newsfeeds, you would think that there is no reason to be hopeful about the future. Nearly everything reported sounds dire, negative, fractured, and desperate. However, as I travel, I have a different perspective. And it gives me hope.   In recent months, I have had the opportunity to meet with … Continued

Are You Mobile Enough?

Not long ago, the advantage of owning a mobile phone meant that you could talk to anyone at anytime. Then the smartphone came along, and that meant you not only accessed phone service, but also emails and other personal computer functions virtually at your fingertips and in nearly every location. This rapid advancement in technology … Continued

Not Alone

  Every day we see posts, pictures and videos that come across our news feed. Most of the time, we skim and scroll through the content; however, on occasion there is something that causes us to pause for a moment. And think.   That happened to me this morning. The image was striking: a boy … Continued

Share the Hope

  Various studies cite various reasons for one’s flight from faith. Typically, this crisis occurs during the teen years and culminates in the college years. It is a time of questioning and searching; a time when one struggles to comprehend the meaning of life and the reason for believing.   In her teens, Rachel Joy … Continued