Share the Hope



Various studies cite various reasons for one’s flight from faith. Typically, this crisis occurs during the teen years and culminates in the college years. It is a time of questioning and searching; a time when one struggles to comprehend the meaning of life and the reason for believing.


In her teens, Rachel Joy Scott experienced that inner conflict. And through the diaries that were discovered after her death at the age of seventeen, she wrote extensively about her personal journey: her shortcomings, her loneliness, and finally her total commitment to Christ. Yet through the difficulty and mocking she experienced for her faith, Rachel maintained a radical hope that God would use her life to some how, some way, change the world.


And He has.


On October 21st, Rachel’s story will come to the big screen in theaters across the country. Compiled from Rachel’s writings, I’m Not Ashamed tells a story that is common to youth and offers the hope that one’s life, however long it is lived, can make a difference.


Because this message is so important to communicate today, we have developed an outreach and discipleship curriculum for youth ministries titled, I AM HOPE. This program encompasses six weeks and focuses on the following concepts:


H: Help ~ Equipping students with a basic outline of the Gospel.

O: Overcome ~ Dealing with fear, worry or doubt about sharing the Gospel

P: Prepare ~ Prepare students to know the power of telling their story

E: Engage ~ Launch students to engage others with their story and the Gospel


On week five, students will bring a friend, neighbor, fellow student or family member to see the movie, I’m Not Ashamed. The sixth week and beyond, participants will serve those in need in their communities at places like the Salvation Army, soup kitchen or local rescue mission.


If you would like to share this impactful opportunity with youth leaders in your area, please have them visit the following page to find a ministry contact who will help them get started, a program guide, and directions for accessing the I AM HOPE app:


I would like to specifically thank First Priority and the Association of Gospel Rescue Missions for their partnership in this effort. Let’s join together to share the hope that will change the world.