Not Alone



Every day we see posts, pictures and videos that come across our news feed. Most of the time, we skim and scroll through the content; however, on occasion there is something that causes us to pause for a moment. And think.


That happened to me this morning. The image was striking: a boy standing alone at the flagpole of his school, praying for the students on the campus and the people passing by, hoping his participation would somehow make a difference.


It did, and the picture went viral.


Commenters on the post praised him for his courage and commitment to his ideals. When I checked a few hours later, this image had already been liked and shared thousands of times.


As I thought about the lone student at the flagpole, I immediately connected it to our upcoming film, I’m Not Ashamed. For a season of time, Rachel struggled with feelings of loneliness and felt separated from her peers because of her Christianity. At one point, she even thought that it would be easier to end her life than face her loss. Instead, she chose to openly and boldly live her faith, trusting that she was not alone after all.


“I am with you always, even to the end of the age”~Matthew 28:20b


Across the country and around the world, there are Christian students who are at a similar crossroad of decision: Do I commit it all to Christ and endure the ridicule and isolation that might follow? Or do I live my faith under cover to avoid any conflict? These questions are real, and their answers have consequences.


If you are a parent of a Christian youth or a Christian youth group leader, we hope you utilize the materials we have developed through the I AM HOPE campaign to help young Christians grapple with these questions, find answers among a community of fellow believers, and gain the confidence to act. Our prayer is that when the time comes, whether at a flagpole at the school or abroad on a mission field, they will be ready and willing to boldly stand as witnesses for their faith. And who knows?


It might just go viral.


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