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Though the opinions of movie critics are important to any film, the true litmus test for the filmmaker is the audience response. After all, the moviegoer is the one you want to impact, entertain, inform, or mobilize, depending on the purpose of the story.


This past weekend, I’m Not Ashamed opened in 505 theaters nationwide. Based on the journals of Rachel Joy Scott, the first victim at Columbine, it depicts the struggle faced by many Christian teens in our schools today: Do you hide your faith and follow the crowd in order to find peer acceptance? Or do you unashamedly follow Christ, despite the probability of being isolated and ostracized for your stance? As this drama plays out, with brilliant performances by Masey McClain (as Rachel Joy Scott) Ben Davies (as Nate) and the supporting cast members, Rachel’s decision becomes more urgent in light of the tragedy that is about to unfold at her school.


According to Rotten Tomatoes, which is an aggregate review site that allows registered viewers to rate and review films, I’m Not Ashamed achieved a 94 percent approval rating, and Faith Driven Consumer gave the film four and half stars, both of which are considered at the top of the field. Clearly, audiences resonated with the message of the film. .


And what about that message?


It’s a message of hope, strength, courage, and faith; it’s a reminder that we are not promised tomorrow, so what we do today and stand for today matters. And it’s an encouragement that even the seemingly “ordinary” life in Christ can be extraordinary in its reach.


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