Timeless Traditions for Today

I admit it. The more life I experience, the more I appreciate family traditions from the past. And this appreciation is especially evident during the holiday season.   Being raised in a liturgical church that observed the church calendar, we did not experience a month-long gap between Thanksgiving and Christmas like many families. Instead, Advent … Continued

What Matters Most of All

  There are times in our lives when we look in the mirror and evaluate our priorities, our principles, our relationships and ourselves. Different occasions prompt these assessments, and for many, Thanksgiving is one of those times when we consider those things we sincerely value; things that we are truly thankful for.   Last week, … Continued

One More Week!

My wife and I had a surprise this morning. After a few weeks out of town, we decided to sit down and coordinate our schedules for the next month. Though this is not unusual, we were actually shocked to realize that next week is Thanksgiving. How did that happen? How can it be here so … Continued

What’s On Tonight?

After a long day, there are times when you just want to relax and watch something entertaining, something that holds your interest by engaging you in the story. But there’s a problem. Even with a hundred channels at your fingertips, you just keep flipping through the options because you can’t find anything available that seems … Continued

What happens now?

Whether the box office total is a million or a billion, there comes a time for every film when the lights go out. Maybe it’s because new releases need the space, interest wanes, or the film has simply run its course. Whatever the reason, the next question is, “What happens now?”   Typically, movies continue … Continued