What happens now?


Whether the box office total is a million or a billion, there comes a time for every film when the lights go out. Maybe it’s because new releases need the space, interest wanes, or the film has simply run its course. Whatever the reason, the next question is, “What happens now?”


Typically, movies continue with an international release, eventually becoming available on DVD and streaming services. Some will end up in a budget theater, while others might find their way to a cable channel. In the meantime, most production companies are onto the next project, letting the film’s life cycle run its course.


Faith films, however, are often handled differently. These are movies with a life-changing message. And the ones involved in bringing the film to the theater know this because of the testimonies received from around the country.


This has certainly been the case with I’m Not Ashamed.


In one account, a pastor shared with us a personal story. His son, who had walked away from Christianity, reluctantly agreed to go with him to see the movie. The result? This young man left the theater repentant and with his faith restored. In another opening night testimony, fifteen students responded to a youth pastor’s call to follow Christ, regardless of the cost. These are just two of the many testimonies we have received of how this film is touching lives, and we are grateful for what God is doing.


Because of the impact of I’m Not Ashamed, Pure Flix is committed to continuing the youth movement, I AM HOPE, which it inspired. Even after the film leaves the theaters, the I AM HOPE app will be a place where students can connect with one another and grow in their faith. Not only does it contain discipleship materials, we also have music videos by Jeremy Camp and breakout artist Abigail Duhon, plus a powerful, new devotional series, BE A LIGHT. There is also interactive prayer need postings and prayer being made for those needs along with inspirational testimonies.


If you have not yet seen I’m Not Ashamed, check your local listings for showings at a theater near you. And also be sure to check out I AM HOPE; you will find it in the app store.


Pure Flix is a Christian movie studio that produces, distributes, and acquires Christ centered movies. Our VISION is to influence the global culture for Christ through media. Our MISSION is to be the world leader in producing and distributing faith and family media. Since day one, we continue to strive to make a difference for His name.