Just One Thing

  Everyone embraces new beginnings. I think that’s the attraction of the New Year. Just by definition, it carries a sense of renewal; an idea that we can hit the reset button. However, even though each New Year brings new resolutions for improvement, few follow through for real, effective change. Yet change is possible, and … Continued

The Wait is Over

  As a general rule, we aren’t very proficient about waiting. If there’s a freeway lane that has a few less cars, we will probably move over. If a drive-through looks like there could be a wait longer than a few minutes, we will hunt for one that’s quicker. If there’s a checkout line that … Continued

The Best Gift

    This is the time of year when countless gifts are given and exchanged. In many families, “wish lists” are created and distributed so that the giver gives something that’s actually wanted or needed by the recipient. Though this is helpful, sometimes it’s the undeserved, unsuspecting gift that is the most appreciated.   For … Continued

More Than Money

Last Sunday, our pastor shared a message that caused me to reminisce about Christmas past. And it was not only our formal family traditions I recalled, it was also those times when my siblings and I (all six of us) scrambled out of bed early Christmas morning, stampeded our way into the living room and … Continued