More Than Money


Last Sunday, our pastor shared a message that caused me to reminisce about Christmas past. And it was not only our formal family traditions I recalled, it was also those times when my siblings and I (all six of us) scrambled out of bed early Christmas morning, stampeded our way into the living room and tore open gifts in record time, leaving remnants of ribbon, wrapping, and tags scattered across the room.


Interestingly, the memories of our Christmas family chaos take precedent over the actual gifts I received (with the possible exception of the much-coveted Red Ryder BB gun). And now, years later, all of those special holiday memories connect me with family members who are no longer here to share in the celebration. This is a sobering realization, and it causes me to be more intentional about creating moments to remember.


Memories are a gift that money can’t buy.


I enjoy gift giving as much as anyone; however, maybe it’s time to reassess the focus it receives. Maybe reconnecting with family and friends can replace some of the holiday rush. Maybe it’s time to simplify and enjoy those who are here with us, and not take it for granted. Maybe it’s a good time to make memories that will last a lifetime. It won’t cost us much, mostly just our presence and a little planning.


These have been my thoughts as I’ve contemplated Sunday’s sermon. And in the weeks ahead, I hope to be more purposeful about how I spend my time, which seems to go by faster each year. I’m grateful for the reminder and hope you pause and think of those who are still alive in your memories with a smile. And I pray that you are blessed with special moments with your loved ones at this special time, always remembering that Jesus is the reason for the season.


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