Don’t Miss This!

Each day brings new opportunities. We evaluate them, eliminate some after a second look, file a few for further examination, and often end up doing things the same way as always. We might make slight modifications, but we will probably keep our familiar systems and structures. After all, old habits are hard to break.   … Continued

Who’s On Your Team?

It’s playoff season, which I’m sure you’ve noticed even if you’re not a football fan. And this is the time when teams either excel or implode under the pressure and expectations that accompany the “big game”. When you think about it, this is true for other teams as well, whether they are large or small, … Continued

What’s Your Answer?

  In these times, there is an explosion of communication channels covering virtually any topic. From a brief 140 characters on Twitter to lengthy research articles and instant live video, if you have a voice and an opinion, there is a place to express it and potentially reach a large audience. Along with this access … Continued

A Skeptic’s Journey

Case for Christ Trailer   There are certain career paths where a higher degree of skepticism is essential to success. In fact, this might be a requirement for your current position. If it is, you know that this questioning must come from a place of open-mindedness and not narrow-mindedness. Otherwise, preconceived ideas, opinions and worldviews … Continued