What’s Your Answer?

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In these times, there is an explosion of communication channels covering virtually any topic. From a brief 140 characters on Twitter to lengthy research articles and instant live video, if you have a voice and an opinion, there is a place to express it and potentially reach a large audience. Along with this access come obvious challenges: you don’t need to be an expert, nor do you need to be accurate.


In matters of faith, this lack of understanding is concerning. And though this is a problem, it presents unprecedented opportunity. We also have a myriad of platforms where we can articulate our beliefs and cite reasons for our faith (basically the “what” and “why”); we just need to be prepared.


But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord.

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone

who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

But do this with gentleness and respect, 

1 Peter 3:15 (NIV)


Our next film release, The Case for Christ, will not just entertain audiences. It will provide believers with additional tools to engage in conversation about their faith with family, friends, neighbors, and followers on their personal communication platforms. In conjunction with the movie, church and small group curriculum will go deeper in preparing believers to give knowledgeable answers to all who ask about the reason for their Christian faith.


In addition to informing believers, we are confident that The Case for Christ will be an effective evangelizing tool for those who have not committed to the faith but are seeking truth. Lee Strobel, an atheist turned Christian, wrote the book that has been adapted for the film, chronicling his own spiritual journey from unbelief to belief. With the gospel message front and center, The Case for Christ presents the questions most skeptics ask and provides answers from the experts to overcome their objections.


Compelling and insightful, The Case for Christ brings together all the elements necessary to entertain, equip and evangelize. Scheduled for release on April 7th, please connect with us so that we can assist you in utilizing this film for maximum impact. Also, please consider joining us as a Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance Partner as we seek to influence the global culture for Christ through media.


Franklin Santagate is the Vice President of Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliances, which works with denominations, ministries, and organizations by finding common vision, assets, resources and influence. From that position, we create initiatives we can do together that we cannot do apart, reaching our mutual objectives and expanding the Kingdom of God. To discover more or to become a Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance partner go to http://pureflixalliance.com/join/.


To contact Franklin for speaking opportunities at churches and special events, email him directly at franklin.santagate@pureflix.com.