Who’s On Your Team?


It’s playoff season, which I’m sure you’ve noticed even if you’re not a football fan. And this is the time when teams either excel or implode under the pressure and expectations that accompany the “big game”. When you think about it, this is true for other teams as well, whether they are large or small, at a company or in a ministry. Regardless of your own personal effort, success is largely measured by your team’s overall performance.


So who’s on your team?


In today’s connected world, the team typically includes individuals outside the organization. These are the experts in their fields. For example, to engage your targeted audience, you might need digital media professionals who understand the complexities of digital marketing. You might enlist a design firm to create materials that capture your audience’s attention. You might engage a consultant to monitor and improve processes.


When Pure Flix created the Alliance Partner program, it was to become an active and effective member of your ministry team, assisting you as you seek to expand the Kingdom of God in the community where you are called. We do this by offering Christ-centered films, developing accompanying discipleship materials, providing special support and assistance for private theater outreach events, and deploying marketing and digital media assets. To further align our expertise with the cultural reality of media’s influence on your ministry partners and congregants, we offer DVD movie licenses with support materials, and a subscription-based streaming service that provides faith and family-friendly TV shows, movies, documentaries and original programs.


In 2017, we are excited to see what God will do through the projects He has given us. And we hope that you will partner with us. As a team, we can do more together in expanding the Kingdom than we can do apart.


Franklin Santagate is the Vice President of Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliances, which works with denominations, ministries, and organizations by finding common vision, assets, resources and influence. From that position, we create initiatives we can do together that we cannot do apart, reaching our mutual objectives and expanding the Kingdom of God. To discover more or to become a Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance partner go to http://pureflixalliance.com/join/.


To contact Franklin for speaking opportunities at churches and special events, email him directly at franklin.santagate@pureflix.com.