The Power of Your Plan

Sometimes it’s simpler to do things the regular way. The only problem is that the regular way will probably produce regular results. Yet leaders want to realize greater growth and a greater return on investment, whether that investment is time, talent or treasure.   As we continue our blog series for pastors and ministry leaders … Continued

Ask Lee: Enhancing Your Easter Experience

Over the last several blogs, I‘ve presented pastors and Christian leaders the unique opportunity to use our latest film, The Case for Christ, the Lee Strobel story, for Easter outreach. And last week, I introduced the various resources that have been developed specifically for this church-wide and community-wide effort. The response has been overwhelming, and … Continued

Celebrating Christ, Reaching Communities

   Michael Vogel and Erica Christiansen play Lee and Leslie Strobel in “The Case For Christ”    In a few short months, The Case for Christ will arrive in theaters nationwide. With all the possible release dates available for this film, it’s no coincidence that opening weekend is Palm Sunday weekend. After all, if you … Continued

Not Just a Movie

This past year was a banner year at the box office as two more films joined the exclusive billion-dollar club. No one knows what 2017 will bring, but we do know one thing for sure: people enjoy a night at the movies. In fact, an estimated 265 million Americans go to the theater annually, which … Continued