Ask Lee: Enhancing Your Easter Experience


Over the last several blogs, I‘ve presented pastors and Christian leaders the unique opportunity to use our latest film, The Case for Christ, the Lee Strobel story, for Easter outreach. And last week, I introduced the various resources that have been developed specifically for this church-wide and community-wide effort. The response has been overwhelming, and we are grateful for your interest and support.


Now we have another exciting announcement that will further equip you in planning your event. On Wednesday, March 8th, Lee Strobel, the author and apologist, will host a free webinar titled, “How to Make Your Easter Big with The Case for Christ Movie”. Along with three special guests, including Mark Mittelberg (Executive Director of The Center for Strategic Evangelism at Houston Baptist University), Jamie Stahler (Vice President of Partnerships at Outreach, Inc.), and myself, you will be given an overview of the film and learn specific ways to use it in your church, and discuss the Move Experience Kit along with other available resources and instructions on Group Ticket purchases. Also, if you have further questions for Lee or any other presenter, there will be a Q&A at the end of this 60-minute webinar session.


Since space is limited and the demand is high, I recommend you register today. And to show our appreciation for your interest and time, every participant will receive 250 free InviteCards, plus a discount price for an outdoor banner.


We hope you will join us!


“Here’s a slam-dunk outreach event for churches—a quality, cringe-free movie that Christians can confidently invite their spiritually curious friends to attend. They’ll experience a compelling story, learn the evidence for Easter, and hear the Gospel in a powerful and persuasive way. Don’t miss what some are calling the outreach opportunity of a lifetime!”


To reserve a spot for the webinar, please visit and click on the REGISTER NOW button to complete your registration.


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