The Power of Your Plan

Sometimes it’s simpler to do things the regular way. The only problem is that the regular way will probably produce regular results. Yet leaders want to realize greater growth and a greater return on investment, whether that investment is time, talent or treasure.


As we continue our blog series for pastors and ministry leaders on preparing for Easter outreach, there is one essential thing that must occur first, which lays the foundation for everything that follows. And that one thing is prayer.


“Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the greater work.” ~Oswald Chambers


The power of prayer is the power of your plan. It’s the primary action before any other action is taken. For leaders, this means that gathering your team together to pray for your community outreach strategy is crucial.


In a recent survey published by the Pew Research Center that compared responses of American adults from 2014 to responses given in 2017, fewer today know someone who is an evangelical Christian. This percentage dropped from seven in ten (U.S. adults) in 2014 to six in ten in 2017, a decline of ten percentage points. If this is your faith association, this decrease is significant and illustrates the importance of effective outreach efforts.


To help you in reaching your communities, Pure Flix offers a variety of resources for you to implement as you incorporate The Case for Christ in your Easter outreach campaign, including assistance in group ticket sales and theater buyouts, tools for sample invitations, templates for bulletin inserts and power points, customizable sermons, a campaign planning guide, and much more. However, you are the one who knows your community and prepares the steps to implement the plan. Thankfully, with your team unified in prayer and purpose, we trust that God will bless your outreach efforts and multiply your ministry.


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