Three Steps For Outreach Success


You’ve committed to an Easter outreach campaign, developed the plan, involved your leadership and undergirded your efforts with prayer. Now comes a vital next step: spreading the word in your community through a marketing strategy. This sounds daunting, but with the efforts of our team of professionals, we’ve simplified the process.


Get the Word Out


In this online, virtually-connected world, a marketing campaign seems complex. However, for churches with a specific targeted audience and area, one of the most effective ways to share your upcoming events with your community is by direct mail. That’s right, mail. And our partners at, the developers of direct mail materials for The Case for Christ Easter Campaign, discovered that direct mail is not only cost-effective, it outperforms other advertising outlets, such as email, newspaper, radio, web and television. With the availability of a pre-designed, customizable postcard invitation, you can quickly and inexpensively notify your community of your upcoming Easter activities. Additionally, we recommend involving your members in this outreach effort. Provide them with the invitation postcards so that they can encourage family, friends and neighbors to attend with them. It’s a known fact that your members are your most effective messengers.


Get Mobilized


To help mobilize your congregants, you might also consider including them in your prayer focus. One successful strategy to help keep prayer at the forefront of the campaign looks like this: Have each member choose 1 person and pray for that individual 1minute each day at 1pm. You can even send a text as a reminder. With this powerful prayer pipeline in place, we believe you will meet or exceed your Easter campaign expectations.


Get Social

Of course, the power of social media serves as a great support for any “get the word out” strategy, and teens and young adults are your online experts, making great media missionaries. Once again we provide these resources, including movie trailers that can be shared from your church’s Facebook page and propagated through your members’ social media channels.


With these materials and marketing strategies, plus your groups’ enthusiasm and effort, we hope and pray that The Case for Christ outreach will become your most effective outreach effort. Ever.


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