Yes, Jesus is Alive


As we continue our select screenings around the country for The Case for Christ, we are thankful for the support and encouragement we’ve received from our audiences. These screenings are an important part of the pre-release process, and we take the feedback seriously as we prepare for the nationwide release on April 7th.


In the midst of this busy schedule, I read an article today that caused me to look at our upcoming film a little differently. As you know, the story of Lee Strobel is a powerful story of an atheist turned Christian, who followed the facts of the case to their obvious conclusion. But there is another alternative story out there, one that not only denies the deity of Christ, but also denies His very existence. And as stated in the commentary at Breakpoint Daily: Questioning Jesus Existence, by John Stonestreet and Shane Morris of The Colson Center for Christian Worldview, you can expect this story to reappear through various media outlets each and every spring season. Much like the flowers.


“Why in the spring?” you might ask.


The answer is simple: This is when believers gather together in anticipation of celebrating the resurrection of our Lord. This year, preparation started on March 1st, when millions of Christians began the Lenten observance, which is a period of sacrifice and reflection leading up to April 16th, Easter Sunday. So what better time for those hostile to the faith to circulate sensationalized and unproven allegations about Jesus?


Thankfully, there are also voices, like Lee Strobel’s, that challenge these assumptions and clearly present the historical evidence for the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. And with The Case for Christ, this evidence will be offered to the general public, meeting them where they are, in the local movie theater so that they can learn the facts and draw their own conclusions. In addition to that, they will see a great film.


“This is one of the most powerful evangelistic movies I have ever seen!

It connects on every level—logically and emotionally.

This is a film you can take your non-believing friend to and not cringe.

In fact, you may see them come to Christ like my friend, Lee Strobel!”

~ Pastor Greg Laurie


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