Why We Need You Opening Weekend



There are numerous elements that make a movie successful. Obviously, you need a story that captivates, a cast with great chemistry, and most importantly, an audience that engages. Regardless of a film’s artistry, quality, or message, without an audience, it will quickly leave the theater. That’s why we are asking pastors, leaders and other influencers to support The Case for Christ on opening weekend by bringing a group or buying out a theater.


Why Opening Weekend?

Opening weekend is a predictor of a film’s success. These three days, Friday through Sunday, set the stage for the showings in the theater the following week. In other words, when a film does well at the box office, it will maintain the number of screens where it is playing. If it performs beyond expectations, auditoriums will be added to accommodate a growing audience, which happened with our sleeper hit, God’s Not Dead. Conversely, if a film does not have many ticket buyers, the number of screens will drop. Underperformance is a sign that the movie will soon be replaced by another film that shows more financial promise.


Why We Need You

This is why we need you at The Case for Christ opening weekend, April 7-9. It is our hope and prayer that we will add screens and not lose screens. This is not just a movie; it is a movie with a message. The Case for Christ will provide answers to the seekers and doubters while encouraging those who are Christians, equipping them to talk to others about the reason for their faith. It will also inspire believers that are praying for their unbelieving spouse.


What’s Next

 Right now and through March 31st, our booking team is reserving theater buyouts for opening weekend. This means that an entire auditorium is purchased for one group, such as a church or parachurch ministry. Though this sounds like “too many seats”, often, it is not. Many theaters have smaller auditoriums, especially if it is a recliner seat location or a multiplex. And for the event host, there are several advantages of a theater buyout: you open and close the movie, choose the time of the showing, and receive a free The Case for Christ Movie Experience Kit.


Who to Contact

Need to know where the movie is playing closest to you? Need to know the number of seats per auditorium? Send an email to the link below, and it will come directly to our team! For every confirmed theater, we have locations by zip code, ticket pricing, seat counts, plus answers to any questions you have. Just complete the form and we will get back with you right away:



Thank you for supporting The Case for Christ as we endeavor to change the culture for Christ, one heart at a time.


Franklin Santagate is the Vice President of Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliances, which works with denominations, ministries, and organizations by finding common vision, assets, resources and influence. From that position, we create initiatives we can do together that we cannot do apart, reaching our mutual objectives and expanding the Kingdom of God. To discover more or to become a Pure Flix Global Strategic Alliance partner go to http://pureflixalliance.com/join/.


To contact Franklin for speaking opportunities at churches and special events, email him directly at franklin.santagate@pureflix.com.