Lee Talks, Part One: Extend the Invitation


For readers of this blog, you know that we’re just one week away from our next major theatrical release, The Case for Christ, the film adaptation of the best-selling book of the same name. This is the true story of Lee Strobel, a hardened atheist, who became a believer after examining overwhelming evidence of the resurrection of Jesus. He set out to disprove these claims in order to convince his wife that her faith was unfounded. Instead, Lee found Christ.


“After reviewing the evidence for the resurrection, I realized it would take more faith to be an atheist than a Christian.” Lee Strobel


Though widely known as a Christian apologist, Lee has another passion, and that passion is evangelism. So to him, his journey isn’t just his own; it’s a testimony and witness to all those who search for truth. That’s why Lee wants to equip believers with effective ways to encourage friends and families to engage with a film that presents the Gospel in a clear, concise manner. For that purpose, Lee has recorded a series of videos that you can use as a resource for your church, small group, or family.


In Part One, Lee shares with you the importance of extending an invitation to the movie, ways to talk with others about it, and how to connect their specific experiences with the film’s overlapping story lines. This isn’t just an academic retelling of the evidence; it’s a love story with humor, friction, forgiveness and redemption. So take a few minutes and watch Lee give you film highlights and suggestions on extending an invitation to see The Case for Christ.


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