Lee Talks. Part Three: Time for the Conversation?

  At times, we feel ill equipped to enter someone else’s spiritual journey. Even though it’s a person we have prayed for, it can be daunting. Will I say the right thing? Will I be able to answer the deeper questions? Or…I know it’s time, but how do I even start the conversation? If you … Continued

Beyond the Big Day

Last Sunday, churches opened their doors in welcome for the most highly attended service of the year. There were regular attendees, infrequent visitors, guests who consider it family tradition, and seekers curious about Christianity. With such a diverse crowd, pastors and leaders worked tirelessly to present the gospel message with great impact.   But what … Continued

Crossing Generations with The Case for Christ

We all know the words “classic” and “timeless”. And when we hear them, we think of something that continues to have value and significance regardless of cultural change. This is certainly true of The Case for Christ.   Prior to the movie’s release, I reached out to the next generation for assistance in creating and … Continued

Lee Talks, Part Two: Pray and Prepare

In the almost twenty years since The Case for Christ was first published, many of its readers have been eternally changed as they followed Lee Strobel on his investigative journey, which transformed him from a staunch atheist to a committed Christian. However, there is much more to this story on a relational level, and the … Continued