Lee Talks, Part Two: Pray and Prepare


In the almost twenty years since The Case for Christ was first published, many of its readers have been eternally changed as they followed Lee Strobel on his investigative journey, which transformed him from a staunch atheist to a committed Christian. However, there is much more to this story on a relational level, and the movie gives us a “behind the scenes” view of the struggle between Leslie and Lee as they experience marital conflict over her faith and his unbelief.


In one moving scene, Leslie learns how to pray for Lee, and how to trust God to change his heart. Because her prayers parallel his faith investigation, this film is not just about apologetics, it is also about the power of persistent prayer.


In this next video, Lee emphasizes the essential role prayer plays in effective evangelism, whether it is for the impact of Easter service, the influence of the upcoming movie, or an ongoing outreach program. Though we focus on praying for others, he reminds us of the importance of praying for ourselves so that we are prepared when the time is right to engage in a spiritual conversation.


If you are praying for a loved one, are unsure how to even begin, or have lost hope, please be encouraged and watch this short clip as Lee shares his thoughts on this important topic. Prayer changed his life. And it can change the lives of those you pray for, too.

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