Crossing Generations with The Case for Christ


We all know the words “classic” and “timeless”. And when we hear them, we think of something that continues to have value and significance regardless of cultural change. This is certainly true of The Case for Christ.


Prior to the movie’s release, I reached out to the next generation for assistance in creating and recording original music inspired by the film’s storyline. In nearly every case, these artists had a story of their own, of how they or someone they knew were impacted by Lee Strobel’s book, The Case for Christ.


There are few times when a book or film successfully crosses these generational boundaries. However, we are continuing to hear reports of the impact the movie is having on young teens and young adults. They are connecting their reality with the emotional struggles, relationship struggles and intellectual struggles they see on the screen, After all, just as the film is timeless, the conflicts it depicts and the questions it addresses are timeless, too.


Please encourage your young people, whether it is a youth group, small group, family group or group of friends, to see the movie. And also direct them to the original, contemporary songs it inspired, which are written and performed by some of the top worship bands in the country. We believe they will come away with a passionate desire of their own to make a case for Christ.


Also, take a few moments and hear this powerful, featured testimony from Christian recording artist, Stephen McWhirter on how God used Lee’s story to transform his life.


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To hear the eleven original songs, visit iTunes and search for The Case for Christ (Songs Inspired by the Original Motion Picture).


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