Beyond the Big Day


Last Sunday, churches opened their doors in welcome for the most highly attended service of the year. There were regular attendees, infrequent visitors, guests who consider it family tradition, and seekers curious about Christianity. With such a diverse crowd, pastors and leaders worked tirelessly to present the gospel message with great impact.


But what about this Sunday?


Because so many attend on Easter, the following Sunday is often the lowest attended service of the year. However, we believe that you can engage your guests beyond Easter with the resources created specifically for The Case for Christ. In the Movie Experience Church Kit, there are four customizable sermons, film clips, social media tools, planning materials, and a full-length video interview with Lee Strobel and Matt Brown, PowerPoint templates, bulletin insert templates, plus more. Literally everything you need to present a successful sermon series.


Obviously, The Case for Christ was released in theaters at the most opportune time of the year, presenting audiences with the evidence for the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As an influencer and leader in your church community, we hope you will take this occasion to engage, educate, and equip your audience with the historical validity of the claims of Jesus Christ, whether it is the seeker, the skeptic or the believer.  


Also, if you have not yet seen the film, please consider buying out a theater or purchasing group tickets. With a successful opening weekend, positive industry reviews, and a growing number of endorsements, we are adding more theaters across the country! So if you were not able to find The Case for Christ playing near you, please check again and reach out to us with any questions!


Here are some helpful links:


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The Case for Christ Individual Tickets and Groups Under 25:

The Case for Christ Movie Experience Kit Information and Samples:

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